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Chevy Camaro and Lexus HS 250h – Retro Meets 21st Century Green

You might say the duo of the reborn Chevy Camaro muscle car and Lexus' new hybrid luxury sedan are a case of "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something green."

The something old – the Camaro – is now something new, for better or for worse. The something new – the Lexus HS 250h – is also something green, since it's a hybrid. As for something borrowed, well they both lean on their respective companies' heritage to create new vehicles that will probably do well in their respective niches. more...

Chevy Aveo Like a Happy Puppy

The 2009 Chevy Aveo is a good little commuter car, suited perfectly for trips around town. It's small, pleasant to drive and be in, and seems as easy to please as a new puppy.

Take it out on the highway and you may not like it as much, though. more...

Chevy Cross Over Big Time with Traverse

If the Chevy Traverse is any indication, General Motors has the potential for a rosy future if the financial Sword of Damocles can be removed from over it.

The General has been making some pretty interesting vehicles in the past couple of years, vehicles that should put the lie to the perception that it just isn't competitive. Now along comes the Chevy Traverse a fully featured, three row Crossover (I'd call it an SUV except I'm afraid of being tarred and feathered by enviro-wackos) that's a very compelling vehicle. more...


It's wonderful when utility and fun combine in a vehicle. And combine they do in the HHR SS, the "abnormally aspirated" version of Chevy's little utility wagon.

It’s a modern small wagon that not only lets you haul your family and its stuff, but which has a healthy dash of style (though it’s retro style: GM says HHR hearkens back to the 1949 Chevy Suburban) thrown in for good measure.  more...


Its name has been around for decades, but it seems like decades since the Malibu moniker was applied to a really interesting and compelling car. But it has now: Chevy's Malibu is a car that deserves respect.

Based on GM's global midsize platform, the new Malibu is more than three inches longer than the old model, with a six inch longer wheelbase and a "wheels-at-the-corners stance" that helps contribute to a very nice driving experience.  more...


Chevy Unleashes a Cobalt Bomb

Don’t take that to mean I think Chevy’s replacement for the Cavalier is a bomb in the sense of it being a failure. Instead, take it to mean this car is a blast, a lot of fun to bomb around in – that it offers megatons of driving entertainment behind the wheel.

The model of which I speak is the Cobalt SS, the 205 horsepower ( with 200 ft. lb of torque, too) supercharged version of the Cobalt. This car moves! more...


People who want a roomy and comfortable car to get them from Point “A” to Point “B” with little fuss and conscious thought may find themselves quite comfortable with General Motors' line.

“The General” has a reasonable assortment of such vehicles, and I recently had the opportunity to try out the “mid-size” Chevrolet Impala. it qualifies as roomy and very comfortable, and will take one from “A” to “B” and back again without undue fuss and/or attention – though it probably won't get a car nut’s adrenaline going.

Not that this car was designed to be the dream vehicle of those with motor oil in their veins. GM has built up a clientele for these cars over the years and is obviously trying not to rock the boat. more...


A truck is a truck, unless you’re tricking it out with extra goodies to aim it at a particular market segment.

Such is the case with the Chevy S10 Extended Cab LS, with the Xtreme package added to its regular list of accoutrements. This $31,105 (Canadian dollars) truck is nothing if not flashy and, if the stares it got from twentysomethings during my week with it mean anything, General Motors appears to have hit its target market bang on. more...


What do you get when you slice some creature comforts from an Olds Bravada and add a muscular new look?

The 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer - a "mid size SUV" that shows GM can really do things right when it wants.

The TrailBlazer (I tested the LT model, which starts at about $29,000) shares its basic self with the Olds Bravada and GMC Envoy. Each comes with an all-new chassis and are powered (and I mean POWERED!) by a 270 hp, 275 lb.-ft torque, 6-cylinder engine that has more than adequate oomph for hills, passing or just blasting down the road with wild abandon. more...


There are trucks, and there are TRUCKS.

Chevy's 2002 Avalanche falls into the TRUCK category: it's big, powerful and comfortable. It's also unique.

It's unique because GM has seen fit to make the Avalanche a kind of hybrid between a pickup truck and a sport utility vehicle. Its big cab seats five people comfortably, with the enclosed short truck deck offering plenty of storage space for the stuff you might want to haul.

That may not sound particularly unique, but what other vehicle can you name that also offers the capability to turn the short bed crew cab truck into a long bed standard truck by folding down the rear seats and opening a pass-through to the deck? more...

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