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Audi A3 - Little Wagon Ho!

Audi's A3 (not to be confused with the AAA) is a wonderful little wagon, a blast to drive but practical and reasonably economical. And despite its size, it's roomy enough for four (five in a pinch – literally) and their accoutrements.

For what more could one want? more....

Audi A6 V8 – Another Seductive Sedan

It's another one hit out of the park for Audi and its A6.

Audi really needs to do something about its cars. Seems like every time I drive one I end up a gibbering wreck, recounting my latest love affair. And then I bemoan my bank balance, or lack of same. more....

Audi A4 – A Sweet Sedan

The A4 is instantly recognizable as an A4, but new and fresh at the same time.

Inside is the latest iteration of an interior that won the 2005 “Auto Interior of the Year” award from Ward’s and a top rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for occupant protection. Audi says it's "characterized by lines extending a long way into the door trim and center console areas, which quite literally appear to embrace the driver." This "wrap around" effect, they say, is something many customers value highly because of the "remarkable sense of security that it imparts." more....

Audi Q7 – Large, Luxurious, Lovely

Audi is famous for making all wheel drive vehicles you can take off-road. They've been rally champions and their Allroad models, though not true SUV's, split the difference between station wagon and SUV very well.

The Allroad has gone to automotive heaven, at least for the present, and now Audi's SUV standard is carried by the Q7, a fully fledged luxury SUV. It's a fine vehicle, as I discovered during a week of living with it. more....

Audi A6 Avant – a Wagon That Fits Like a Finely-Tailored Suit

For me, it was love at first drive. And it was a four wheel drive station wagon!

Not just any wagon, mind you. The Audi A6 Avant, the wagon version of the Audi's A6 sedan, is one of those rare beasts: a car that feels as if Audi had taken my measurements and crafted the vehicle with me in mind. Is it any wonder that I was captivated?

I didn't think it would be that good. While I had driven the A6 Avant briefly at an Audi media event in the autumn of 2006, and had really liked it then, that was for only about 15 minutes of seat time as opposed to the week I usually get with a test vehicle. I was afraid that the additional familiarity of a full test session, rather than making me content, might instead breed contempt. more....

Preview: 2008 Audi TT (Car & Driver)

Audi chairman Martin Winterkorn says proudly that the TT "is an icon." The car's critics, on the other hand, always regarded the first-generation TT as a slightly sportier Volkswagen GTI dressed in a mighty fine party frock. When it went on sale in the U.S. in 1999, it aimed to compete with the Mercedes-Benz SLK and BMW Z3. The second-generation car, which goes on sale here early in the summer of 2007, is pitched even more ambitiously against the Porsche Cayman. more....

2007 Audis on Track To Perform

Stirling Moss. Jackie Stewart. Mario Andretti. Jim Clark. Richard Petty. These legendary racers have all topped the podium at Mosport, the legendary Canadian race track that, like Watkins Glen in the U.S., hosted F1 and Indy Cars years ago. The challenging track is still busy, and on a rainy day in early October the 2.5 mile road course saw a gaggle of media types participating in the Canadian introduction of Audi’s 2007 model line, including the exciting new S8 and S6.

Audi won the 2006 24 hours of Le Mans with a diesel – an engine type associated more commonly with good gas mileage and stinky black exhaust than with racing championships. Needless to say, the company feels it’s on a roll and I was looking forward to getting a chance to try their flagships, conventionally powered or not. more....

2006 Audi S4 Avant
by Robert Dysiewicz,

Imagine the conversation behind closed doors at product selection meetings…  How do they decide on the product that will make public debut?   Most choices are made years in advance where predicting the correct trend must be as hard as predicting the weather.

Consider all the variables that top brass must consider when choosing car models representing their brand.  The line-up must include mass appeal, sex appeal, luxury, sportiness and utility. 

Audi S4 Avant has all the above covered – and it accomplished the feat in a unique Audi style. more....

Audi A8 L

It may have a nose only a mother could love, but Audi's flagship A8 L is one heck of a vehicle – a fast and luxurious car that'll please the well-heeled enthusiast and the hedonist at the same time.

Available in V8 and W12 versions, the German manufacturer's current flagship is big, smooth, powerful, extremely luxurious and, perhaps surprisingly for such a large car, a comparative blast to drive. more...


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