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Saturn's Looking for a few Astra-nuts!

The Saturn Astra, according to a radio commercial in my neck of the woods, is the top selling car in Europe.

Really? It's certainly not a "disAstra", but the bestselling car of any sold in all of Europe? I don't get it.

Maybe it was the automatic transmission of my test unit that colored my opinion. Or maybe it was the periodically-annoying interface. more...

Saturn Minivan a “Relay” Flexible Ride

What’s in a name?

Car marketing mavens spend a lot of skull sweat coming up with ways to describe their vehicles. They want something special, new, exciting, memorable.

Perhaps this is why Saturn calls its new minivan a crossover sport van rather than a minivan. Perhaps a crossover sport van sounds more like an SUV than a “soccer mom-type” minivan, and perhaps that’ll broaden its appeal and make it sell better.

I dunno. The SUV connection was completely lost on me, and I don’t think there’s anything particularly wrong with minivans anyway, other than the fact that they exist (I’d like every vehicle to be a sports car, but that’s just me). I mean, heck, to each his own: minivans are popular and functional – so why hide behind some strange marketing nomenclature? Why not call a minivan a minivan? more...

Saturn L200 – Comfy new Sedan

With a name like Saturn, this company must be running rings around its competition. Okay, okay, anything for a bad pun…

Still, you see plenty of Saturns on the road, so people must like them. And judging by my week in their new L200 Sports Sedan they’ll probably continue pleasing people.

I found this more sedan than sports, however, but that could have been because my test unit was of the four cylinder, automatic transmission variety and that (especially the automatic) works against the sports aspect every time. Other than that, the L200 is a nice car, and one that would undoubtedly be eminently easy to live with. more...

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