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Network and Resource Inventory Management

Network and Resource Inventory Management for Complex Telecommunications Environments

With telecommunications networks becoming increasingly complex and integrating ever more and newer technologies, effective network inventory management and network resource management are more important than ever. Thankfully, leading-edge telecom inventory software is able to streamline the process for operators.

What is a telecom inventory management system?

Network and resource inventory management software essentially stores a full picture of every resource in a network (physical, logical and virtual). It takes the form of a shared, fixed-access inventory of the entire architecture and environment, no matter how complex they may be. The right network inventory management system will provide an end to end view of the entire network, optimizing usage and automatically planning new resources. Choose your software provider carefully, and your telecom inventory management system will even play a key role in identifying problems and trouble-shooting root causes.

What to look for in network inventory management software

Before selecting your telecom inventory management system software provider, there are several things to check for.

You will be looking for a solution that supports multi-vendor, multi-domain networks, handling RAN, transmission, core and fixed domains, and operates in real time. Give the pace at which telecommunications technology is changing, you should also search for a provider who delivers an element of future-proofing, which will make it easy to adopt innovations.

Full integration capabilities are worth considering too. Your selected solution must integrate easily with all aspects of your network, including planning, design, configuration, fault finding and fixing, service quality management and customer experience processes. After all, a telecom inventory management system is the central repository, so must be able to communicate easily with the entire network.

With a best in class network inventory management solution, you should find that mobile applications come as standard – whether you need to access data via iOS or Android, and whatever device you are using. Not only does mobile access put network inventory data at the fingertips of any technician working in the field, it also streamlines and optimizes processes in the rapidly developing 5G rollouts.

Learn more about Real-time Management of Network Resources for Telecoms and visit the comarch website.

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