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Everything you need to know about Dirt 5

A few days ago, we saw the first public appearance from Codemasters' latest creating featuring Dirt 5. The natural terrain that we've been searching for a while is finally on its way.

Additionally, this is the first confirmed game to the all-new Xbox Series X even though many people expected to see Forza Motorsport 8.

So, what if you are a PlayStation player and you want it on the latest PS5?

Well, don't worry. Dirt 5 was announced compatible with PS5 shortly after Microsoft's announcement.

Dirt 5 release date is scheduled for October, and it is unclear if PlayStation players have to wait for the latest PS5 in order to play, which will be released later just ahead of Christmas.

Dirt 4 was offered a more user-friendly experience by featuring less daunting vehicle, and it was far from real-life car dynamics, but it was extremely fun and easy to play as an average player.

On the other hand, just from the Dirt 5 trailer, we can spot some significant changes in the game. First of all, Codemasters decided to lean toward the arcade side of the spectrum, by offering many fun gaming modes to play.

The trailer featured wheel-to-wheel rallycross style racing and amazing bright and bold colors making the graphics better than ever. From the trailer, we can see varying weather conditions such as snow, or thunderstorms and the environmental elements such as dirt or gravel look incredibly realistic.

The other significant change we can spot from the trailer is the big open-space that allows freedom in every race. It is similar to the open-world maps we've seen in Forza Horizon titles.

Codemasters decided to give a completely different feel to Dirt 5, or something quite distinct from their previous Dirt games.

They've said: "booting up  Dirt 5  feels like you're stepping into a brand new culture, surrounded by style and encouraging you to express yourself, whatever it is you're doing."

From our perspective, we think that there will be reasonably robust car customization in the latest Dirt 5, just like Need For Speed Heat, for example.

In the trailer, we also saw some unique vehicles like dirt buggies that will make racing even more enjoyable. However, a solid car list is still some way off from being announced, also though the trailer gave us a hint featuring Porsche 911, classic Fort Mustang, Citroen C3, Lancia Stratos, and an Aston Martin Vantage.

When it comes to maps, Codemasters covered that section pretty well. You will have at your disposal ten different locations with drastic changes in the terrain and 70 unique routes to choose from.

Unsurprisingly, Codemasters also announced a four-player split-screen mode, which makes it great as a party game. Additionally, there will be a 12 player multiplayer where you can play remotely with people all around the world as well as a single-player career mode made with voice acting from Troy Baker as well as Nolan North, which you might know him from The Last of Us and Uncharted.

Codemasters also announced that this game was designed in a way to take full advantage of the latest Xbox Series X technology, and still remain compatible with the previous Xbox One platform.

This means that we will see incredible realistic high-resolution textures, which is what you need when you are racing on such terrain, as well as 4K at up to 120 frames per second and blistering-fast loading times on the new consoles.

The actual wheel-to-wheel dirt action racing towards reminds us like a real-life rally race. The uneven terrain that gives you the freedom to jump over opponents go through special paths just to get a win, like if you were in a baseball online betting match of the MLB. This will make Dirt 5 very exciting and less realistic to play.

It is a very exciting game that sparked quite a bit of reaction from their racing-game fans. We cannot wait to get our hands on the latest consoles that we've been waiting for so long and experience gameplay on another level.

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