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Maserati MC 20


There isn't an aspect of life left unruffled by the coronavirus pandemic. Workers have been wrapped in a whirlwind of changes, sports such as the NBA, MLB and even the Kentucky Derby contenders have seen their chance of winning the horse race postponed. Of course, the worst part are the loved ones that we have lost.

Meanwhile, automotive industry has also had the brakes firmly applied because of the virus. Here we look at five of the cars that haven't yet been launched because of Covid-19.

Number 5. Volkswagen ID.3

Okay, some people might say coronavirus has done VW a favour. The reason being that their ID.3 was already experiencing issues due to "software issues" but the virus certainly hasn't improved theirodds of getting the fix in place. Initially, reports of a fault were played down but more recent updates show the problem is "not even close" to being resolved. VW have sought out Daimler for a helping hand but that might be a tough deal to close given existing relationships.

Number 4. Chevrolet Bolt

 You can already get your hands on a Chevy Bolt if you so wish. It just won't be the new and improved version. The Michigan based manufacturer had planned to release several enhancements predominantly focussed on improving comfort and appearance such as padded seats, a tidied dashboard and new rear lights.

In terms of how the vehicle drives, the biggest change will be the addition of multiple cameras to aid the cruise control functionality. Release was expected at the back end of 2020 but that's not going to happen. The updates are still coming but not until 2021 at the earliest.

Number 3. Maserati MC20

By this time, Maserati had hoped to be debuting the MC20 in the city of Modena where it was supposed to be built. Instead, it looks like they might be renaming their car to the MC21 given the '20' relates to the year of intended release. When it does arrive then it's probably going to be worth the wait.

The Italian firm have kept their cards close to their chest with various specs drip fed over the months without concrete answers. What we do know is that they see the sporty number as a competitor to motors such as the Aston Martin Vantage, which tells you exactly where this is being pitched. It will cost you a handsome six figure sum to get your hands on one.

Number 2. Ford Mach E

Ford's new electric SUV is ticking an awful lot of boxes. The biggest of which will be music to the ears of their customers because whilst they might be waiting a few months for the vehicle to arrive, once it does, they will have the option to receive regular tech enhancements through wi-fi.

Oh, and Ford expect the owner to be completely oblivious when they're happening because of how smoothly and quickly they occur. That's not where the gadgets stop either with the designers substituting door handles for a push-button opening and an engine that's compatible with mobile phone start up. Who needs keys anyway? On top of that, they'll give you over 400 litres of boot space, 280 miles from a charge and a top speed of a more than adequate 111mph.

Number 1. Aston Martin DBX

The number one pick on our list probably won't be on the list of many "ordinary folk" given its entry price point is some £112k more expensive than the Mach E. Truth be known though, although the Ford is a nice motor, it doesn't come close to the DBX. A 4 litre, v8 engine that boasts 542bhp is something that will whet the appetite of any speedsters who dream of taking it to top speeds of over 180mph.

If you're willing to pay beyond the bottom end £158k then the upgrade options are near endless with DB11 style seats and a snazzy centre console just the beginning.

There you have it, five cars that will be coming to a road near you soon. Well, at some point! 

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