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TechnoFILE's "Inevitable Links" Page

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Consumer Electronics
Manufacturers Association

"Everything Hi-fi Online"

Consumer Connection, Consumer Affairs, at Industry Canada
Lots of consumer advice

LCD TV Reviews - info on LCD TV's

LCD Buying Guide
Projector Buying Guide
DLP TV Review
Plasma TV Science

Automobile Journalists Association of Canada

Other Interesting, Important, or Unusual Links, or other outlets for Jim Bray's columns:

Canada Free Press
Canada-based New Media Newspaper

The Post Chronicle
New media, breaking news, sports, entertainment news,
reviews & opinion on Washington, the nation, and the world.

Mochila Syndicate
New content provider syndicate

The Drudge Report
New media news media, with links to all over.

Media Research Centre
Exposing the spin in the mainstream US "news" coverage

Free Republic
An online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism. Insightful, and often very funny.

Rush Limbaugh
"America's Truth Detector"


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