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Y2K Primer on DVD

"Practical Solutions for Home Preparedness"

by Jim Bray

First thing, I should admit to a prejudice: I'm not convinced Y2K is going to be a big deal and, even if it is, I'm not particularly worried about it. Oh, I'll have plenty of firewood on hand (I do anyway), my barbecue ready to go, and a little cash cached, but I feel that, at worst, Y2K will be merely an interesting adventure on the road of life.

That said, however, there are legitimate concerns about the so-called "Y2K" bug (and if you haven't yet heard what that is, I'm not going to explain it here - you must have been living on Mars!).

That's why Simitar has released this consumer's guide to the year 2000, and it's chock full of advice for those interested in preparing for the worst.

Funny, despite the good advice on this disc, the first couple of minutes are taken up with a long scroll of disclaimers telling the viewer that despite what's on the disc, they're really on their own.


Most of the video features "Y2K experts," shot either in seminar locations or in their own homes, where they proudly display their own Y2K hoards. The advice is pretty good, too - and it applies equally to any Y2K disaster as it would to planning for nuclear war, earthquake, divorce, or any other natural or man made disaster. Okay, maybe it won't help you through a divorce...

The video is broken into sections dealing with power, water, food, health, communication, etc. and after the experts have you all paranoid about what could happen they soothe you with their ideas of how you can stave off the horrors they've just outlined.

As a DVD, the picture quality is fine - but this isn't the sort of video presentation where that matters. Likewise the sound, advertised as Dolby Digital, is just of people talking, so who cares? I did notice some bad dubbing, however, where the lips and the words were out of alignment.

The package claims there's a Y2K workbook included, though I couldn't find it. There's an ad for such a workbook in the program, however, offering it "free" with a $3.75US postage/handling charge.

As a Y2K skeptic, I found plenty of opportunity to poke fun throughout this disc, but that shouldn't minimize the good advice there is for any disasters that could potentially befall Mankind.

After all, it never hurts to be prepared, and that's all the people on this disc are really talking about.

So stock up and get ready for that runaway asteroid...

Y2K "Practical Solutions for Home Preparedness."
from Simitar Video
67 minutes, full screen


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Updated May 13, 2006