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"Tycus" on DVD

Armageddon Done Right

Paramount's "Tycus" is what "Armageddon" should have been. It's an intelligent look at the end of the world and some of the tough decisions that could have to be made if such a scenario were to happen in real life.

Peter Onorati is a newspaper reporter who, thanks to a tip from his ex-partner, comes across a hidden underground "city" in the Sierra mountains. Masquerading as a mining company, it's actually a "Noah's Ark" meant to allow a certain number of people (and only a certain number) to survive the end of the world so they can begin the task of rebuilding human civilization.

The Ark was made necessary by Doctor Peter Crawford's (Dennis Hopper) discovery of comet Tycus, which is going to slam into the moon and therefore pelt the Earth with debris. Naturally, the establishment laughed at Crawford's findings, so he went to the private sector to fund and populate his secret base.

When the world finally discovers Tycus, and the existence of "Crawford's folly," panic sets in and people head for the hills - including the hills that house the Ark.

Meanwhile, Onorati's character must wrestle with his conscience: does he stay in the Ark at the expense of others, does he go and bring his pregnant wife back with him? Does he spill the greatest news scoop of his life?

The "made for cable" Tycus not only offers a ripping yarn that's far more intelligent than the pablum of "Armageddon." It dares to ask big questions like "who will survive?" and "who has the right to choose who survives?" and it does it with characters who are for the most part very realistic and for whom you can really care.

The special effects, despite the comparatively small budget of Tycus, are first rate. They're probably eighty per cent the quality of those in "Armageddon," but put into a film that's 300 per cent the quality of "Armageddon."

The DVD is in fullscreen (the way it was original shot), with digitally mastered Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, and audio/video quality are very good. Extras include a director's commentary track, as well as bios of the major cast and crew members.

Tycus, from Paramount Home Video
94 minutes, Full Screen, Dolby Digital
Starring Peter Onorati, Dennis Hopper, Finola Hughes,
Produced by Ashok Amritraj and Andrew Stevens
Written by Michael Goetz and Kevin Goetz, Directed by John Putch


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Updated May 13, 2006