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"StarGaze" on DVD
Stargaze II - Visions of the Universe

All Us In Wonderland

StarGaze might on the surface seem like a boring couple of hours in the home theater. If you’re into the wonders of the universe, however, it’s anything but boring.

StarGaze, from AlphaDVD and DVD International, is a collection of still photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, that orbiting wonder that’s regularly expanding humanity’s view of the cosmos around us.

It’s a widescreen set of pans across cosmic spacescapes that are achingly beautiful, the sort of images you could imagine having been created by the best space artists – or the mind of someone on a heavy duty acid trip.

StarGaze gives you two possible audio accompaniments: music (performed by 2002) or background music/foreground narration. The audio is in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 6 channel, as well as Dolby Digital stereo. The narration, which is the soundtrack preferred (because it gives information about Hubble and the pics being presented so gloriously), is available in English, French, German or Spanish.

Audio and video quality are superb, with the video presented in widescreen, enhanced for 16x9 TV’s.

There’s also a DVD ROM facility, which includes a terrific screen saver you can use when you aren’t computing. It shows a selection of images from near earth and far, far away.

Still, the plot’s a bit thin, but the visuals are first rate….

StarGaze, from AlphaDVD and DVD International

Stargaze 2

StarGaze II - Visions of the Universe on DVD

If you liked the first version of StarGaze, and we'll freely admit that its audience is a specialized one (though we like to think we're part of that audience), you'll undoubtedly love the sequel.

It picks up where StarGaze leaves off, kind of, and features more than an hour of stunning shots of the far reaches of space. Some of these pictures are so good they almost look three dimensional, as if you're actually witnessing stellar events from the comfort of your home theater.


Stargaze 2 is chock full of new scenes of star fields, nebulae, galaxies and other neat stuff brought crisply and clearly to life thanks to upgrades to the Hubble Space Telescope and other such high tech devices that thave pushed back the boundaries of human knowledge so far.

So what we get are sharp and clean and crisp space scenes that look spectacular. This would be an excellent DVD for stores to use as demo material for their widescreen TV's.

The disc also features original 5.1 surround music composed and performed by Opus 27, and as you're experiencing the glory of the universe you can also access a "What's That?" feature that provides information about each celestial object, including a brief description, location, object type and distance from Earth.

Alas, you can't bring up the "What's That" feature without popping out of the presentation itself, which can really destroy the mood (and when you pop back in again your speakers suddenly fire up again, which can be disconcerting). I wish you could have a picture in picture version, or maybe a scroll of the information across the bottom of the screen, but such was not to be.

Still, it's interesting info and we're glad they included it.

And how's this for a bonus? StarGaze II contains a High Definition version of the program you can play on a WIndows XP -shod PC with Windows Media Player 9 and a pretty hefty processor. It looks and sounds great on our PC, though there's no substitute for a Really Big Screen and a good 5.1 surround system. I look forward to seeing a presentation such as this once HD DVD's are readily available.

In all, mind boggling and mind expanding presentation!

Stargaze 2, from DVD International


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Updated May 13, 2006