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SeinfeldSeinfeld: Seasons 5 & 6 on DVD

Even the biggest anti-Seinfeld, anti-sitcom person in the entire world cannot deny the genius of the show.

A show about nothing was somehow a show about something. It took average, ordinary, everyday situations (ones with which we can all identify), and spun hilarious half-hour episodes out of them. The writing was often brilliant, not only being infinitely more funny than most of the tripe on TV, but also the way seemingly insignificant details from seemingly insignificant subplots can have a massive impact on the end result (not to mention how everything always seems to tie in together, somehow).

The Seinfeld DVDs have been exquisite thus far. Sure, they took their time coming out, but only because those involved wanted to make sure they were done properly. Every episode from every season has looked and sounded great, and each set has included a wealth of entertaining supplements.

Seasons 5 and 6 are the latest to hit the format. Nary a bad episode in its entire run, these two particular seasons are chock full of pure gold. The show was in full stride by this point, knowing what it did best and giving it to us in spades. Season 5’s opener, “The Mango,” is an instant classic, as well as “The Puffy Shirt,” “The Barber,” “The Marine Biologist,” and “The Opposite” (the season finale).

Highlights from Season 6 include “The Switch,” “The Jimmy,” “The Fusilli Jerry” and “The Understudy.”

In the later seasons, Seinfeld episodes got both more elaborate and more basic. An entire episode is woven around the concept of faking an orgasm, while another episode is based entirely around Jerry getting a bad haircut (now that’s funny stuff!). Some would argue that the show is boring or underwhelming, but if you can appreciate the genius of it all, Seinfeld will surely go down as the greatest sitcom ever, and the one to base all others upon.

You really can’t argue with great characters, great writing, and a whole lot of nothing.

The Seasons 5 & 6 DVD presentations are just as good as they should be. Each episode is presented in full frame with Dolby Digital Stereo, and look and sound as good as they possibly can. We care not for having 5.1 audio tracks for TV shows, as long as they sound better than through our TV speakers (which they do, tenfold). The picture is flawless, with not a trace of grain, which unfortunately ixnays the feeling of watching it on TV.

Season 5 extras are as follows: “Jason + Larry = George” is a featurette on how Jason Alexander embodied Larry David’s alter ego to become George Costanza. Hilarious. We get short “Inside Looks” on most episodes, which are entertaining and informative pieces focusing on the making of a single episode, and we also get cast & crew commentaries for about half of them. Also hilarious. Production notes, bloopers, advertisements and deleted scenes are available, as well as Jerry Seinfeld himself in an extended “Master of his Domain” stand-up routine.

Season 6 also includes the typical Inside Looks, commentaries, production notes, trailers, deleted scenes and bloopers, and also sports a few other bits. There’s more exclusive Seinfeld stand-up stuff, some “Sein-Imation” classic scene re-imaginings (not as good as you’ll hope for), and “Running with the Egg,” which takes us through the making of a Seinfeld episode from idea to air. Pretty fascinating.

The latest Seinfeld DVD offerings are absolutely on par with the previous releases. If you’re a Seinfeld fan, it’s hard to justify not having these ones.

Seinfeld: Seasons 5 & 6, from Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
1049 minutes, 1.33:1 full screen, Dolby Digital Stereo
Starring Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Michael Richards and Jason Alexander


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Updated May 13, 2006