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Napoleon DynamiteNapoleon Dynamite
Like, the Best Special Edition Ever!

The new edition of Napoleon Dynamite comes as an obvious attempt at cashing in on the film’s DVD success. The first DVD was pretty good, but this gives us a little more insight into the world of Mr. Dynamite.

It’s hard to tell if the transfer is exactly the same as on the previous release, since our original DVD has been borrowed and not returned as of this writing. However, we do recall being more impressed with the quality of image on this disc rather than the last. Color and detail are solid, though with traces of grain and softness in a few places. The audio track seems the same.

What we really want with this release, though, are the extras. All the bonus features from the original release are here, plus some cool new stuff.

The only addition to disc one is the brand-new cast commentary featuring Jon Gries, Aaron Ruell, Efren Ramirez and Tina Majorino. While it may not be of the same quality as the commentary with (director) Jared Hess, Jon Heder and (producer) Jeremy Coon, it’s always nice to see what actors have to say after the fact. We learn a few amusing things about the shoot, and the actors often giggle at some of their favorite bits.

Moving along to disc two, we kick off with two exceptional documentaries. The first, “On Location,” is a typical behind-the-scenes and talking head interview kind of thing.

The difference, though, is that all these people are unknowns, so we’re not just watching a bunch of big stars plug themselves and the project. These folks are genuinely interested in the project and are clearly having a great time, and there aren’t any egos or agendas getting in the way. The second doc, “World Premiere Jared Hess” is a great look at Napoleon Dynamite’s pop culture success. It begins just before the premiere at Sundance and jumps through time for 45-minutes or so. For true fans of the film, this is an absolute must-watch.

Some new outtakes and additional scenes, we must admit, are unremarkable. Not bad, but clearly just thrown in so the studio can boast more “goodies” on the disc. Audition clips are never that interesting and these, unfortunately, are no exception.

“Napoleon & Pedro Sightings” chronicle the appearances the characters have made since the film’s popularization – good times. There is also a short featurette on the wedding sequence at the end of the film, promo spots, photo galleries and some flippin’ sweet menus.

For more info on the movie itself and the original DVD release, check out our original review here.

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