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The Man Show

The Man Show: Season Two on DVD

(Editor's note: if you're concerned with political correctness, feminism and the like, you may want to skip this review. If you're offended by what you read below - lighten up and get a life!)

The disclaimer that appears before every episode of The Man Show indicates that the show “contains mature subject matter.” They’d probably be interested to know that there’s absolutely nothing mature about The Man Show.

In fact, Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla’s comedy show is probably the most juvenile, crass, and offensive show on television. And gosh darn, it’s also one of the most consistently hilarious.

The first episode in the second season starts off right away with giving us exactly what we want: more Juggies! In case season one didn’t have enough, we now also get to ogle the twins.

The duo of Kimmel and Carolla are geniuses at what they do. They take ordinary everyday situations like workplace behavior, donating to charity, and husbandly duties, and "men-onize" them. What this means, of course, is that nearly every scenario imaginable involves some combination of beer, bars, and breasts. Not to mention hot chicks wrestling in a vat of mud. Oh, and hot chicks in the wilderness. And hot chicks on trampolines.

You’ll probably notice a pattern emerging.

The Man Show is great because it’s the only show out there that’s really by men for men - and screw political correctness! Kimmel and Carolla frequently say exactly what all of us are thinking. So even if there are women around, all we do is laugh at the show, rather than saying these things and, because we know we're not supposed to say (let alone think!) these things, condemning ourselves. It’s also the perfect show with which to play drinking games, or just sit around with your best chum(p)s and giggle yourself silly.

Each episode is chock full of life lessons and great ideas that don’t actually exist but should. A prime example is the Ladysitters, who will send a homosexual man out to your house to assist your significant other with all the girlie things she wants you to do.

While it may seem odd to call such a show brilliant, The Man Show is just that. There’s nary a man around (well, "real" man anyway) who doesn’t enjoy chauvinistic, male-friendly humor and important learnings. It’s the perfect show to bring together men and boys alike, and could probably bring world peace if we didn’t have to worry about the chicks.

The first season of The Man Show was split into “Volume 1” and “Volume 2,” so it’s nice to have the whole of season two in one set. The 26 episodes are split across 6 DVDs, presented in 1.33:1 full screen and Dolby Digital Stereo. Picture detail and color are pretty good, with very little grain or dust.

Audio is as good as it should be. Really, who cares when it’s The Man Show? There’s rarely a single second when you’re concerned with DVD quality, if you even remember that you’re watching a DVD.

Extras include some bonus bits with Karl Malone, some Man Show Miracles, The Juggbournes (which you can probably figure out), Tobias Cats, “What’s With the Attitude?” and yes, more of girls jumping on trampolines.

The Man Show: Season Two, from Eagle Rock Entertainment
590 minutes, 1.33:1 full screen, Dolby Digital Stereo
Starring Adam Carolla & Jimmy Kimmel
Created by Adam Carolla, Daniel Kellison, Jimmy Kimmel


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