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Best Bits of Mr. Bean

"The Best Bits of Mr. Bean" on DVD

Rowan Against The Machine?

Polygram's "Best of Bean" DVD was originally a TV program that assembled some of Rowan Atkinson's "little wiggly man" schticks into one show, linking the segments with a contrived "Bean Rummages Through His Attic" storyline.

Despite that, it does indeed offer some great moments of hilarity for Bean fans, though with the storage space made possible by the DVD medium we've have preferred to see a more straightforward compilation of entire "Bean" episodes.

Still, this is indeed a 78 minute yukfest. The 11 segments include part of "Mr. Bean's Christmas" (the part where he "puts the turkey on") - though that was actually a half hour episode that included plenty more gems - as well as his high diving board experience, packing for the holidays, falling asleep in church, his trip to the dentist, and more.

It's all good stuff, but the end result is to leave Bean fans pining - not for the fjords, but for a true Bean collection that, as mentioned above, brings entire Bean episodes onto DVD.

Sure, you can record them from TV, but we watched this DVD and a Mr. Bean broadcast nearly back to back, and the DVD picture and sound blew the satellite TV signal right out of the water - er, air. And you don't get virtually instant access to your favorite gems on a videotape the way you do with a DVD's chapter stops.

So let's have a "Bean Gets Boxed" collectors' set as soon as possible.

Please, please, please?

In the meantime, "The Best Bits of Bean" will do - but it isn't enough.

As mentioned, the disc looks and sounds great - and as extras you get a bio of Rowan Atkinson and a set of trailers from the Bean movie. These trailers are actually funnier than the rather disappointing movie was, so they're worth a look.

The Best Bits of Bean, from Polygram Home Video
78 minutes, fullscreen, Dolby Stereo
Starring Rowan Atkinson
Written by Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis, Robin Driscoll and Ben Elton
Produced by Sue Vertue, Directed by John Howard Davies, John Birhin and Paul Welland


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Updated May 13, 2006