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WMD – Weapon of Mass Destruction on DVD

By Jim Bray

Watching this DVD made me angry. Not at President Bush, the United States or the war on Islamist terrorism.

It made me angry at the partisan mainstream media that has steadfastly refused to tell this side of the story. Angry that they’ve allowed their ideology to blind them to their professional obligation to offer all sides of a debate so the viewer/reader/listener can have all the facts at hand with which to make up his own mind about what’s true and what isn’t.

Where has CNN been on this story? Well, CNN snuggled up to Saddam Hussein for years, lying on behalf of his murderous regime and allowing people to die just so it could keep open its Baghdad bureau and have the perceived ratings advantage that would give them. CBS? NBC? ABC? PBS? CBC? BBC? All are blinded by their partisan hate and left wing bias and are refusing to tell you the truth, about Iraq, and about so much else.

Which makes it doubly important to watch this remarkable DVD, created not by a leading journalist interested in the truth but by an ordinary man frustrated by the dinosaur media’s stonewalling who decided to take the task upon himself.

That man is Brad Maaske, a California real estate broker. He is the co-writer, executive producer, co-creative director, producer and host. Though obviously not a professional pundit or media talking head, Maaske has nonetheless been responsible for crafting an extremely watchable and compelling film that blends footage from a variety of sources (including filmmaker Jano Rosebiani’s documentaries on Iraq) with expert punditry from such mainstream media-ignored bright lights as Victor Davis Hanson.

In WMD you’ll see how Saddam Hussein came to power, what life was like under his criminal regime, the atrocities committed against the Iraqi people and the horrors with which they lived while the United Nations and the rest of the world either turned a blind eye or actively cooperated with the regime as he diverted money from the UN Oil for Food program to finance his dreams of glory. You’ll also be reminded of why the US went after Saddam Hussein, with heart wrenching footage of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, the day that finally awoke the sleeping giant.

And you’ll even see some interviews of typical anti war protestors who are perhaps some of the biggest - and stupidest - hypocrites of all.

WMD is a wake up call to the complacent and smug members of western society who still don’t get it. Unfortunately, they are also blinded by their partisan hatred of things conservative and/or Republican and so will probably not watch this. They do not want to be confused by facts because thanks to creepy liars such as Michael Moore they’ve already made up their minds that George Bush’s war (their opinion, not mine) is illegal and immoral. And of course these are undoubtedly the same people who supported Bill Clinton’s non-UN-sponsored war in the Balkans, a war that has apparently now been shown to have been waged under false pretences or at least fought because of flawed intelligence.

But Clinton was their hero and so could do no wrong.

The mere fact that these people idolize a man whose true legacy is teaching pre-pubescent kids about oral sex, how to get away with lying and cheating, and "the politics of personal destruction" speaks volumes.

When I was finished watching this movie I felt emotionally exhausted, but I wanted to run out and show the DVD to all my friends, most of whom get their information from the same mainstream media that has so badly abdicated their responsibilities.

This is an important film, and I take off my hat to Mr. Maaske and his team. These people, who I will arbitrarily name as honorary members of the “pajamahadeen,” the citizens’ army that is reshaping the world of journalism, have done the work that's supposed to be done by the Dan Rathers of the world.

The DVD itself is pretty good. It’s offered in anamorphic widescreen, 16x9 TV compatible, and the picture quality is good. Audio is Dolby Digital 5.1 and it’s also very good with, surprisingly, nice use of the surround channels.

There are no extras, but none are necessary.

This is an important film. Watch it, balance it against what you’ve managed to get from the mainstream media or whatever other sources you can find, and make up your own mind.

WMD – Weapon of Mass Destruction. The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein.


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