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WinWay resume screen

WinWay Resume 4.0

Winning Ways to Get Hired

Frustrated by a resume that doesn't sparkle? Freaked out by job interviews? Don't worry!

WinWay Resume 4.0 (Windows 3.1/95) not only lets you create a resume/cover letter, you can track job-related contacts, simulate the interview, and even launch a cybersearch to WinWay's Internet site - where you can post your resume, look over job listings, sample resumes and cover letters, and research potential employers.

Why, it's like an "Unemployment Insurance-Office-on-a-disk."

Of course the most important function is creating the actual resume and cover letter, so if WinWay Resume is to be of any value it should help you make a scintillating CV. So its "AutoWriter" feature gives you a library of phrases designed to make your resume stand out from the crowd, while still imparting the required information. If you've never put together a resume before, or if your resume hasn't gotten you an interview, this could be your ticket.

Creating the documents is easy. Just double click on any section of the page layout template and it's brought into a window in which you can make any changes you want. You can fill in the blanks to make any phrase applicable to your situation, or you can write it yourself and the software will merely format it correctly for you. The built in examples range from short and sweet, like "I'm responding to the ad in the <publication>" to the more tedious like "In response to your recent advertisement, please accept this letter in application for the <name of> position currently available within your company."

WinWay breaks the letter down into sections, including "Opening," "Body," and "Closing," with an abundance of templates for each. By mixing and matching, you can create a professional (if slightly boring) cover letter - and there's a wide enough variety of choices that it isn't likely your letter will end up looking like those of everyone else who uses WinWay Resume.

Ditto for the resume part. AutoWriter gives you a series of "objective statements," "experience phrases," and "highlight suggestions" ranging from "A position as a <job title> in a major corporation," to "Assisted subordinates and supervisors in identifying and resolving problems. Consistently met or exceeded <what> goals. Contributed to all aspects of <what>."

If nothing else, the program may give you a hint at why your hand-crafted resumes haven't opened any doors…

WinWay's video lessons are professionally, if woodenly, done. The interview simulation covers everything from whether you should admit to having a headache (no!), to dickering your price (try to throw the ball back into the employer's court) and the benefits of benefits. It also gives you the strategy behind the tactics it suggests you use.

Will WinWay Resume help you get your dream job? Who knows? But it can help organize and "professionalize" your job hunt, and that's a good thing.


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January 31, 2006