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Replay Radio

Replay Radio Records Online Programming

by Jim Bray

Are you a closet Rush Limbaugh fan afraid your coworkers might accuse you of being a right wing whacko? Would you like to listen to your favorite radio program at work, but don’t want your coworkers thinking you’re interested in making obscene profits on the backs of the less fortunate?

What can you do, besides grow a thicker skin?

Well, wouldn’t you know, I’ve found a handy dandy product that can automatically seek out and record your favourite radio programs, over the Internet, then same them for you until you have the time (or are at the location you want) to listen.

It’s called Replay Radio and, for $30 you get a kind of VCR for Internet audio. It’s pretty easy to set up and to use, and it comes with the URLs built in for hundreds of popular radio shows that stream over the Internet - including the aforementioned Limbaugh program – as well literally hundreds of other shows.

You pick the show you want from a list, then choose the frequency of recording – daily, weekly or whatever. Then Replay Radio records your chosen programs onto your PC’s hard drive and you can play them back whenever you want. And if you want to go cut out the commercials, the manufacturer offers a ten dollar add-on that’ll do that. Other optional modules let you pause and rewind live broadcasts in much the same way a PVR does for TV broadcasts.

If you go for the full meal deal, which costs $50, you get all three of those modules, plus one that lets you edit your recorded MP3 audio files as well as make the streaming audio recording features accessible to your Pocket PC.

Replay Radio is made by Applian Technologies out of San Anselmo, California and is available from their website.

To be fair, I have have a little problem with my some of my attempts at recording, but mostly it’s worked just fine. And wouldn’t you know it, most of my problems have turned out to be self inflicted, or problems with my PC and not the product itself.

The upside of that is that I can not only claim to be a right wing reactionary, but an innocent victim as well. The only problem with that is deciding who to vote for in the next election!


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January 31, 2006