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4 Great Apps for Watching TV Online

If you have satellite TV service from DirectStarTV or another premium provider, it probably means you're a TV fan to at least some degree. But you can't always be in front of your 42-inch flat screen, and you can't always be at home to catch the best TV shows from your sofa. Fortunately, the emergence of mobile Internet applications has made it possible to get high-quality TV programming streamed straight to your smartphone or tablet computer.

Here are 4 great apps for watching television programming on-the-go:


With a Netflix subscription and smartphone or tablet app, you can choose from a library of thousands of on-demand TV shows from multiple genres. Netflix enables you to catch up on previous seasons of current series, as well as enjoy discontinued favorites and TV classics. And of course, Netflix also has tones of movies to choose from. 

Hulu Plus

With Netflix, you can't watch newer episodes of your favorite shows. With the Hulu Plus application, you can. Hulu's subscription based platform enables you to watch current TV series, often only hours after they air. You can watch the newest shows from popular networks include NBC, ABC, USA, MTV, FOX, Comedy Central, ABC Family and SyFy.


iTunes has long been the go-to music purchasing service, but it also offers an impressive array of TV options. With iTunes, you have to pay to access a significant portion of the content. But you can access HD versions of hard-to-find shows that air on premium cable networks. For example, iTunes offers some HBO exclusive series on a per-episode or per-season basis.


If you're a sports fan and can't stand the thought of missing your favorite game, WatchESPN is a good option. With Watch ESPN, you can watch live ESPN coverage of sports news shows, live sporting events and replays of the previous week's games. If you can't get to a sports bar and you're on-the-go, WatchESPN is your best option for watching sports TV programming.

What are your favorite apps for watching TV shows?

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