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GE 2-9917 Cordless Phone

GE 900 MHz Cordless, Hands Free Telephone

Roaming - with no Roaming Charges

by Jim Bray

Maybe it's because I have a lot of "hangups," but I've just become a convert to these "headset-style" telephones you see so many receptionists wearing these days.

The epiphany came courtesy General Electric and its model 2-9917 900 MHz cordless hands-free telephone, a nifty gadget for the home and/or home office if I've ever seen one.

This little doohickey ups the ante on the traditional 900 MHz cordless phone. Its two piece design includes a little headset and a "main unit" that comes with a clip suitable for attaching the device to your belt. If you prefer to lounge around the house in jogging pants that aren't belted, the main unit is also small enough to stuff into a reasonably sized pocket.

Actually, I found the pocket-storing method worked best for me, because when I belt-mounted the phone I had a tendency to knock it off, which would cause the main unit to fall almost to the floor (If I were an inch or two shorter it would have hit with a thud), jerking the headset most uncomfortably - and causing strain on the wire connecting the two units.

Anyway, the phone features 40-Channel Auto Scan 900 MHz Transmission technology, and it comes with two batteries (no kidding - they even give you a spare!), one of which sits in the charging unit while you use the other.

The 900 MHz sound performance (featuring what GE calls "Crystal Clear Sound") is very good. The main unit includes buttons for volume up/down, ringer adjust, redial, channel selection (no, it doesn't operate your TV!), memory (you can store up to ten numbers in it), and "flash."

The headset expands to fit the most swollen ego and sits comfortably on the head. The only problem I had with it was that after wearing it for a while I'd end up with a funny-looking little "Dennis the Menace" bit of hair standing up - which would have been embarrassing if I weren't the boss.

Using the phone is easy and comfortable, and I grew to really love the hands free convenience it offers. Sure, any cordless phone lets you wander around while you're yakking, but this one lets you actually do things as you prattle on endlessly. I could make dinner without struggling to balance a headset between ear and shoulder (and without the resulting trips to the Chiropractor that habit brings).

Not only that, but the headset is more comfortable and less intrusive than I expected and I found I could wear it for long periods without it getting on my nerves.

There are a couple of minor downsides to mention, naturally. One is that I found the wire that connects the two units would tend to get wound around itself a bit (like every other wire ever made, it seems), and that a couple of times - when I'd wear the headset while sitting the main unit on my desktop - I'd get up to go somewhere and (forgetting that the main unit wasn't attached to me) drag the unit behind me, causing it to fall to the floor.

Fortunately, the phone seems built sturdily enough that such operator-inflicted problems aren't a big deal - though of course one should try to keep one's wits about oneself and not end up dragging the thing around behind you.

Other than that, I found this phone to be a delightful unit to live with. Its performance is just fine, and its convenience is definitely above par.


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January 31, 2006